Current Projects

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Co-produced with Bristol Old Vic Ferment

The powerful poetics of Malaika Kegode and soaring music of Bristol band Jakabol combine in this autobiographical gig-theatre show directed by Jenny Davies.

Genre-defying and emotional, Outlier explores the impact of isolation, addiction and friendship on young people in the often-forgotten places.

Wide as the Sea

Poetry Short Film

"When the pandemic struck and the whole live industry went down the drain, I thought I could be doing more to explore new ways of creating and sharing work. I was asked to perform as part of an LGBTQ+ History charity event on Zoom. Instead of doing a live set, I offered to make a short film. I wrote Wide as the Sea with my little sister, musician Handina Dutiro. I devised and shot it around my flat, then pootled around on Premiere Pro to edit and caption it, bugging my more tech-savvy friends in the process for tips. 

The result is a truly DIY exploration of Queerness, bisexuality and identity, made in just under a week on a £10 budget. I hope it’s fun and meaningful. I hope it resonates. I hope you enjoy it!" - Malaika x 

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The Soundscape Poetry Project

Culture Recordings

Building on the UK’s rich history of spoken word poetry, The Soundscape Poetry Project has created audio spaces to showcase poems and performances through the complementary use of sound and music. 

Malaika and Jakabol join Rachael BoastKirsten IrvingSafiya Kamaria Kinshasa and Tim Turnbull on this record and its accompanying book.

Experimental Words

With Sunday Popo-Ola

Biology meets balladry as leading scientists are paired with incredible spoken-word artists to collaborate on a new performance, celebrating the creative similarities between science and the performing arts.

The result? A diverse display of rhyme, rhythm and reason. A project from Dr. Illingworth and Mr. Simpson