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Thalassic is a small collection of poetry written over a tumultuous time. It focuses on learning to live with grief and the process of acknowledging the past versions of oneself. It is a cerebral book of healing.


In Thalassic, Malaika Kegode doesn't just illuminate the eternal marriage of music & poetry, she breathes it. These poems are both an anthem, free of restriction or page, but also a study in line breaks, showcasing the value of taking a moment before moving on. Kegode hides rhyme like easter eggs, wedged in the middle of rhythmic prose and lyrical movement-when the reader emerges, they are bound to be singing these poems aloud. 
Olivia Gatwood


Malaika has made a concise collection with an intimate ease that slowly reveals many subtle profundities. The stories within are complicated: full of grief, sadness then finally, grace. Its form is playful and experimental, never letting the reader rest on their laurels. If you've ever had to redefine what love and life mean to you, these poems beg to be read again and again. 
Vanessa Kisuule


Illustrated by Andreea Diana Stan


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