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In her debut poetry collection 'Requite', Malaika Kegode's lens is on people, the ones that speak to us through music and books, those both real and imagined, as she shines a light on loneliness and the sometimes unbearable burden of love and being loved.


Attuned to the rhythms of life, looking for them through language, looking for how they might heal us, Malaika Kegode speaks herself powerfully on to the page, and on to the stage, and in doing so reminds us how important it is to live in hope and to love well. This much anticipated debut from one of the brightest lights of performance poetry is a timely book of love and adage, a celebration of community and spirit.
Rachael Boast


Devastatingly beautiful, I urgently drank every word of this up and now I feel more full. A collection that speaks of what it is to be a young woman finding her way amongst the people and promise that surrounds us all. Be it shooting whiskey shots, from growing up in a sleepy village to being spat into the big city. From addiction to heartbreak, from music to race. It speaks of realism, of the relatable and raw. It speaks with an honest tenderness, unafraid and explorative. It speaks of hope…I want more words, more feelings, more poetry please from the glorious Malaika Kegode.
Rebecca Tantony


Illustrated by Andreea Diana Stan