“The sky was painfully big, but our worlds were small, our lives little. So when we found each other in the muddle of it all, that feeling of belonging was addictive.”


Mal, Ama, Lewis and Oskar have grown up together; hedonistically charging through life – and any house party going – in rural Devon. They’re railing against the stories that have been written for them as they stand at the precipice of adulthood. But all the space can be suffocating, and it’s tough sometimes – feeling so low in a place so beautiful.  


The powerful poetics of Malaika Kegode and soaring music of Bristol band Jakabol combine in this autobiographical gig-theatre show directed by Jenny Davies.


Genre-defying and emotional, Outlier explores the impact of isolation, addiction and friendship on young people in the often-forgotten places.


50% of all sales of this playtext go to Checkpoint. Checkpoint provides advice and support to young people aged 8–18 across Torquay, Paignton and Brixham, helping with a range of issues, from drug and alcohol use to battles with depression.